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World cheapest power plants.
Start from $949 000 for 1 mW.
Developed in Russia.
Аbout us
No expensive turbines.
Based on revolutionary steam rotor engine
with no world analogues. Protected by 5 patents.
Work on any local fuel:
local plastic аnd rubber waste, trees roots, dry grass and leafs, peat and so on.

Now you don't need import fuel.
Excellent for local cogeneration.
Forget about wire transmission loses,
compile the necessary power indeed
for remote villages.
10 kW/hour
110 kW/hour
Shipped by air or sea.
40 ft cargo container suitable.
Our solution:
- Waste to liquid/gas fuel equipment
- Drying equipment for grass and leafs
- Briquetting equipment
- Employee's training
- Technical support
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+7 (905) 758-0770